Famozi – creating a niche for itself

“Famozi” by “Eclat life style pvt. Ltd.” is an International multichannel-ed semi-premium foot wear brand which has made a niche for itself within a short time span at “shop-in-shops”, with big retail outlets pan India. Already present at 30 outlets – Central stores, Reliance Footprint, Shoe Tree, Inc5 etc, by the end of this year Famozi shall be at 50 odd outlets across pan India.



Famozi sees its exponential growth through all big e-commerce portals like Myntra, Flipkart, Koovs, Amazon along with a strong online international presence. Planning is on cards for its own website to offer a wide ranging platform to online shoppers and its loyal customers. The brands’ styling is done keeping in mind the “Lifestyle” traits of a Famozi consumer. The brand has showcased its uber cool collection of men’s shoes which one would hardly see in market. Famozi credits its artisans and manufacturers for their support in helping serve their motto “fast moving fashion”. Famozi hardly repeats any style and the range get renewed in as early as 20 days. People with a keen eye of fashion with comfort surely have a stop-shop at Famozi.


What to wear in rainy season to be fashionable

After the scorching summer’s sultry heat, all would like to welcome the monsoon, but with caution. Yes, the rainy season can dampen your spirit and take the sheen off the fashion ideas that you may have been contemplating. The rains may leave some damaging results to your outfit, hair and shoes. With some modifications to your wardrobe, you can set out in the rain without compromising on the fashion. Apply your mind and you will know how to remain stylish and still deal with the rain.


Wear fabrics that breathe

The rising humidity of the season ups the discomfort of dampness and sweating. Select fabric that is light and allows air to pass through it in good proportion so that your skin is brushed by fresh air. This will keep you cool from inside when the skies may open up. Liven up your spirits that tend to be downtrodden by the rains with bright and vibrant colors of clothes. The colors will add the spark that you must be looking for. Light cotton, chiffon and the likes get dried quickly and are not heavy when soaked in water.

Change your hairstyle

Think of adding a scarf or shower cap to your attire that can add style while protecting your hair too.  Do you love the flowing weaves that adore Hollywood stars? Then this is not the right season for it. Instead adopt a more practical hairstyle this rainy season. Go with braids as they are unaffected by water and remain the same. At most, you will have to blow dry after rain wash.

Shun long dresses

Keep away from your long dresses as they may get soiled in mud and water. When it rains, the blowing wind can be quite distressing for your dress. It soaks you inside out, but if you are smart enough to choose ankle length pants, short skirts and shorts for dressing, you will remain unharmed greatly by the rains.

Monsoon life saver

Umbrellas may not protect you completely from the rains but then it is better to have one than nothing. Have printed umbrella fabrics that are colorful or even single bright colors that can complement your attire. Choose the lightweight, foldable ones that snugly fit into your handbags.

Get covered up

Raincoats are the perfect answer to the rains and they can keep you more dry than any other protective clothing that you know. Selecting a transparent one will allow you to flaunt your style beneath the raincoat. Oh yes, it is a lot more expensive than umbrellas and carrying could also be a concern for many.

Seasonal footwear

Do you want to remain dry from head to foot or head to toe? If you choose the latter, then waterproof boots can be included in your fashion list. Different colored stylish rain boots are now available that can keep your feet dry. But if you want to splash a little and are willing to spare your feet then colored flip flops or slippers can be thought of.


Tips men should follow for being in fashion the right way

The heat of summer is on and if you are a man, you must be wondering how to dress up for this season in a way that is stylish and trendy and yet comfortable at the same time. Famozi brings you their summer collection for the year 2014, and presents you with some tips on how to be in fashion amidst the heat in the right way.

While you buy your clothes, whether shorts, shirts, t-shirts, or jeans, make sure that they are not too body hugging. There is nothing that looks more weird that a guy fidgeting constantly due to uncomfortable clothing. Get the right fabric to wear; this is important. Stick to cotton, rayon and linen and stay away from synthetic materials like nylon, microfiber or polyester. Also consider the color; usually light colors such as yellow, white, crème, and other shades of pastels are perfectly suited for summer outdoors, but then even if you have to sport something heavier, a darker shade of blue would do well. Stay away from black; they will make you all sweaty.



Get yourself some cool accessories to go with your basic choice of clothes. This will give them more of a noticeable character. Some of the most popular choices include a handkerchief that is worn as pocket square and a bandanna. You can also wear a hat that amplifies your style and adds a bohemian touch to your overall look.

Keep your feet relaxed this summer and allow them plenty of air. Try out Famozi’s latest line of summer shoes that includes flip flops, sandals, mule sandals and slippers in a bright range of designs and colors. If you are into boating or just want to have a stroll by the lake, you can get yourself some cool boat shoes in adorable colors as well.

Instead of just sticking to blue jeans, get yourself some colorful chinos or denims in summer shades like yellow and orange. You can also start wearing shirts with patterns such as cheetah, gingham or tribal prints. Experiment with different types of t-shirts that vary in their color codes, collar styles, and stitches. You can alternate between the ones that carry messages with ones that don’t. Finally, don’t forget to get yourself a SPF built lightweight moisturizer and plenty of colognes and deos! Trust me, you will surely need them.


16th Lok Sabha Elections in India – Caste your vote

As the 16th Lok Sabha Elections is upon us India is once again at the crossroad of changing its course of history. Being the largest democracy in the world, people of India are endowed with the major responsibility of selecting representatives who will run the government for the country. Undoubtedly it is one of the major events to take place in India’s political scenario.

According to Indian constitution, parliamentary election in India happens in every five years. The party, which wins the maximum number of seats in 543 seats Parliament forms government at the center. Indian political nature follows multi-party system that comprise of major national parties such as – Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party, Communist Party of India and several local parties such as – JDU, AAP,TMC, AIADMK etc. It follows the dual governance policy of a Union government at the center and local governments at state level. There are also several different tires of governance but the most important elections are Assembly that forms legislations at state level and the Parliament to form union government.

In Parliament election, candidates are elected directly by their electorates of their respective constituencies, which can be contested by more than one representative from different parties. The candidate with the most number of votes is declared winner.

Elections in India remain in the purview of Election Commission of India. It is the central authority that is responsible for conducting honest, transparent and fair election in the country. It is one of the most influential government bodies in India. In the past there were several occasions where there were complaints of exercising unethical practices in winning election, which makes the role of Election Commission most pivotal in allowing Indian voters a fair chance in selecting their representative.


The impeding 16th Parliament Election is significant from several aspects.  Under the current government there had been several occasions where the government has failed to put up a public face and live upto the expectations of the people. Corruption had remained a major concern, with several eminent political leaders being charged with misappropriation of fund and embezzlement. This coupled with sliding economy, increasing inflation, devaluation of currency, slacked industrial and agricultural growth have caused widespread discontent amongst people. In recent time, India has also seen a thorough degrade in ethical values, which has worsened the status of women in the country. Security of women, along with equal rights for them in education and workforce, change in social position will also remain strong points of arguments for parties and voters alike.


We can say that this election is going to the most significant one in modern Indian history and believe that people will show better judgment in selecting right leaders who will put the country in the right path of growth and prosperity.

Famozi teams wishes all the best to every citizen of India, and helps to spread the word about using the power of vote, to caste vote, importance of voting and electing to build a strong nation and continue to be the largest democracy in the world.


probability of buying

Shopping for Shoes online – What to consider

The World Wide Web has over the years become a shopper’s paradise. With innumerable styles, designs, and most importantly prices to choose from, online shopping is not the same anymore. Aside from various products and services, you can also buy shoes.

Initially, it might come as a surprise when you hear that shopping for shoes online is hassle free but it definitely is the case. Even a couple of years back, customers were reluctant to buy shoes virtually as there was a probability of buying the wrong sized shoes. But you can overcome this fear as the online shoe stores offer size charts and exchange policies for their esteemed customers.

Since the virtual market is a place where there is cut throat competition, it becomes even more important for the vendors to make sure that they are able to retain their existing clients and lure the new ones. In an effort to outdo each other, the online vendors have introduced interesting policies and deals to attract customers. So, you can take advantage of the same. And this holds true not just for buying the apparels, cosmetics, accessories, and healthcare products online but also shoes. So, let us find out what you should pay heed to when shopping for shoes online.

probability of buying

it might come as a surprise when you hear that shopping for shoes online is hassle free but it definitely is the case. Even a couple of years back, customers were reluctant to buy shoes virtually as there was a probability of buying the wrong sized shoes.

Online safety

Not all websites are secured for carrying out transactions. When you shop with your plastic card online, there are personal details that you are required to furnish. Unless the website is safe to shop from, your personal card information can get divulged. You will have to guard against this by all means. As such, select an online shoe store that you think will not be unsafe to shop from.

Shipping, exchange, and reward policies

Every online shoe vendor will have different shipping, exchange and reward policies. You will have to choose one that you think will meet your requirement. If you find that a particular vendor selling shoes does not offer the provision of exchanging goods or accessories that you buy, refrain from making purchases from the vendor. When it is shopping for shoes, it might happen that the shoe you receive from the vendor is not the size of your feet. So, you should be offered the facility to exchange the same. A vendor that does not offer the provision will definitely not have a sound customer support cell. Also, go through the shipping policies and how the vendor will help you in the event of damage of the shipment during transit.


Online shopping of shoes – How to proceed

Shoe shopping on the World Wide Web is in vogue these days. And more and more people are buying them virtually with the same ease as they do from the retail stores made of brick and mortar.

As online shopping of shoes is becoming popular, the online shoe stores are not keeping any stones unturned when it comes to luring the prospective customers. As such more and more online shoe stores are mushrooming all over the Internet. While on one hand, this is an advantage as you will have a greater variety to choose from, on the other hand, it may not be safe to shop from all online shoe stores. There are many such instances when online customers have been hoodwinked while shopping online for their favorite stuff. So, it is even more important to shop from an online store that is reputed and have been in the virtual market for long. So, how will you go about online shopping for shoes? Let us find what you need to pay heed to while doing so.

favorite stuff
the online shoe stores are not keeping any stones unturned when it comes to luring the prospective customers. As such more and more online shoe stores are mushrooming all over the Internet.


The greater the specification or rather features offered by an online store, the better it is. For instance, while browsing through the online stores, find out the following-

ü  Number of brands being sold by the online vendor

ü  The return policy adopted by the store

ü  Shipping policies and whether they are consumer friendly

ü  Rewards program offered

ü  Post sale maintenance and support

ü  How secured is the website and past records of fraudulent activities and transactions, if any.

ü  Shoe sizes offered by the store taking into account whether they have the provision of selecting the width (narrow and wide) of the shoe sizes.

Stock and variety

While online shopping for shoes, it is important to check the inventory of the store. A good virtual shoe shop should sell shoes for age groups and for both gender. If the store is selling shoes for women, it should have all types of shoes, namely, stilettos, sandals, sports shoes, slip-ons, and pumps. Similarly, if it sells shoes for men, it should have different types. Most importantly, the store should have different brands to select from.


As far as payment and shipping is concerned, it should essentially be a hassle free process. The delivery should be prompt and the product you receive should be in good condition with proper packing. Not only that once sold, the responsibility of the vendor should not end there. If required, there should be provision to exchange the right size from the online shoe store.


Online shopping for shoes – Best 5 online shops

Online shopping for shoes

The World Wide Web is an online marketplace from where you can get just about anything under the sun even shoes. Most of us tend to get confused about the shopping portals from where the shoes can be bought. To make it easier for online shopping for shoes, here is a list of top 5 places you can shop from. In this way you will not have to hunt around for different shopping websites. Check these out.

shoes are affordable


If you visit this website, you not only get shoes but you will find a wide range of accessories too. Ranging from bags, belts, and other accessories, the shop is for all age groups and for everyone in the family. As per reviews, shoppers have had a good experience while online shopping for shoes.


At this online shoe store, you will find products for women, men, and children. One of the USPs of this online shoe store is that it offers guarantee on all its products. Also, if you are ordering for the first time, you are able to enjoy free shipping. Another USP of this online shoe shop is that in the event you find that the shoe does not fit you or you change your mind and prefer to buy another pair or you don’t like it, you can always return the shoes without having to shell out charges for shipping and handling.


Online shopping for shoes can be fun if you are shopping at this store. You will receive newsletters on a regular basis, which will allow you to know the latest additions in their products and also special product launches. You have the option to choose your own pair of shoes by color, style, and definitely size.


This shopping portal is very popular among the women as you will find shoes of all types, namely, flats, stilettos, wedges, sandals, slip-ons, and the like. Also, you can avail the special sale benefits that are offered by the web portal from time to time. In this way you will also be able to save some cash.


Although this is a great place for online shopping for shoes, it is a favorite among the individuals looking for athletic shoes. Aside from athletic shoes from reputed brands like Nike and Adidas, you will also find shoes for children from this online store. The shoes are affordable and the prices are competitive.

formel shoe

Formal shoes for the evening

Wearing the right attire for any occasion is important as it not only indicates your sense of dressing but also gives you the look you desire for any occasion. In this article, let us see how you can match the right formal shoes for men for the special occasion like a wedding or a corporate gathering.

wedding or a corporate gathering

The type of formal shoes you choose should essentially complement your dress.

Wedding shoes and how to choose one

The type of formal shoes you choose should essentially complement your dress. If you are planning to attend a ‘black tie’ wedding party, as far as the attire is concerned you can wear a tuxedo coupled with a black tie and of course formal shoes that will complement your tuxedo. Make sure you don’t opt for shoes made of cheap material. It will impart a very shabby and unkempt look to your entire personality. So, always opt for leather which should also be shining and not just taken out of your shoe closet before the party. As far as the color of the formal shoes is concerned, if it is a black dress you are wearing, the shoes too have to be black and if it is a brown dress, the shoes and the other accessories like the belt should also be brown in color.

These days you will find that weddings are not only held in the churches but they are also held in other places like a beach or on a cruise. Either ways, you should wear formal attire. Beach wedding does not mean that you will be in your floral printed shirts and half pants. You will perhaps look out of place. But you can always keep aside the tie and the coat and opt for a smart jacket, a formal shirt, and a lightweight trouser.

Weddings on the cruise also demands for a similar dressing sense. You can give up the tie, the tuxedo, and the black shoes. Choose a navy blue formal trouser with a light blue formal shirt and pair it up with burgundy or brown colored formal shoes and a jacket if required.

Shoes for official meetings

When it comes to corporate gatherings, you definitely will have to stick to a dress code unless otherwise mentioned especially if it is business cum leisure outing where the families are also allowed to participate. When it comes to attending an official meeting, stick to the shoes. But when it is time for you to enjoy, you can always slip into loafer shoes, gliders, or slip-ons.

sporting activities

Shoes for Men and Women

Our feet contain more bones than other part of the body. It supports our body weight, and is vulnerable to stones, hard floors and other harmful things. To protect them, one wears shoes. These protect the delicate sole and provide necessary comfort. However, with time as man evolved a sense of fashion, the “shoes” that protected changed its identity to be known for their different purposes. Today, there are shoes for parties, sporting activities, special occasions and office wear. For one, people can strictly fail to categories all the available types of shoes, for the sheer number present in the market today.

sporting activities

Today, there are athletics, and the fashionable, the comfortable and the professional. In this post, we describe a few of them. Other than the basic gender categorization, we can simply define them athletic, unisex and dance shoes.

Today, there are athletics, and the fashionable, the comfortable and the professional. In this post, we describe a few of them. Other than the basic gender categorization, we can simply define them athletic, unisex and dance shoes.

Oxford (balmorals): Typically, a man shoe, the feature of this shoe includes a v-shaped slip in the vamp, where the laces are attached to tie it.

Bluchers (Derbys): These appear similar to the Oxfords, however, the laces are attached with two different pieces of leather which are stuck or stitched to the vamp.

Monk straps: These are shoes that don’t have any specific laces. It uses buckle and strap to secure on to the foot.

Brogues: Men shoes are not all that formal. When shoe shopping online, one will find decorative perforations and separation that is visible along the edges of material. Perfect for that outdoorsy activity, these are also found in  the casual range of shoes.

Slip ons: These do not have any kind of fastening mechanism including the lacings. They are commonly known as loafers or elastic side shoes. Perfect to be worn in the beach, they add a casual look to the man.

For the women, the list is endless. However, we have tried to establish some of the most basic types:

High heeled footwear: With heels above 2 inches, the shoes are perfect for formal meetings and social gatherings. The heel is designed to be comfortable and enables the person to look stylish without being affected in any way.

Stilettos: Invented to be the high fashion accessory, the type is incomplete without the LBDs. Popular among women, the shoes have narrow heel posts. Most doctors prescribe against the use of such heels for its narrow support.

Mules: These are shoes without any fastening around the ankle. They can have small heels, big heels or even be wedges that are located comfortable around the toes and lower part of feet.

Lastly, ballet flats: These are popular as beach shoes or walking shoes. They are flat and do not have fastenings. They can be slipped easily and is comfortable.

One can find more such interesting facts on shoes on Famozi.in and even shop for exciting new collection.

reputed designer

Choosing the online vendor for designer shoes

It goes without saying that shopping online has several advantages like buying stuff from the comfort of your house, getting the opportunity to compare services and products, option to choose from a wide array of products and the like. We also know that online shopping is mostly safe. But it is always a wise move to exercise caution when you use your plastic card online.

In this article, we will catch a glimpse of the essential aspects that you need to pay heed to when you are buying designer shoes online. How will you zero-in on the right online vendor? Let us find out.

reputed designer

we will catch a glimpse of the essential aspects that you need to pay heed to when you are buying designer shoes online.

  • Always shop from reputed websites and retailers. You might also come across many such websites that claim that they sell designer shoes and other accessories but this may not be the case. So, it is best to shop from the websites of the top labels directly. Few websites that sell designer shoes include Barney’s New York, Zappos Couture, FootcandyShoes.com, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter, and Bergdorf Goodman.
  • Exchange or refund policies and return policies are important in the event you prefer to change the shoe if the size is not right for you. Under such circumstances, you should be aware of these policies, not to leave out the details of the shipping policies too.
  • If you are planning to buy designer shoes from a reputed designer, make sure you buy the stuff from his website directly. The best way to shop around for a reputed retailer or vendor is by asking peers that have already used the products and have shopped online. This is because you will be able to get feedback directly from someone that has used the product already.
  • Designer shoes are undoubtedly expensive. So, do a bit of homework. Browse through different websites of the designers; compare the products and services like shipping and delivery policies, including the return/refund and exchange policies of these websites. Most importantly, make sure you have ordered for the right shoe size. In this regard, you can compare the size charts of different designer labels and then opt for the one that you think is right for you.
  • Shopping from the vendors directly will also ensure that you are able to enjoy few great bargains and discounts. This is because especially during the festive occasion, these websites offer amazing deals that will allow you to buy the designer stuff at a much lower cost, which will also be affordable and not burn a hole in your pocket.